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At DFW Leak Detection we realize the personal and financial investment you have in your swimming pool. We want you to spend less time caring for your swimming pool and more time swimming. If you suspect a leak problem, please contact DFW leak Detection 214-882-4240.

About us

For over 14 years DFW Leak Detection has been providing professional leak detection and repair services to swimming pool owners throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

As a small local business, we are proud to have many valuable relationships with both residential customers and commercial clientele.

We are also proud to remain committed to the old-fashioned values of professionalism, integrity and affordable.

We firmly believe in our hands-on approach in that as a customer of DFW Leak Detection you are always under the direct care of our owner.

When you are losing water from a leaking swimming pool you need fast and accurate results from professionals. DFW Leak Detection will provide you with affordable results that you can depend on. We will also promptly be at your service.

Leak detection demands a combination of innovative equipment, years of experience, patience and an intuition. Quite often a leak is easy to detect, however, there are times when detection is not so easy. At DFW Leak Detection, finding your swimming pools leak is our only business! If you have a leaky swimming pool, your problem will be found!

To begin with, your swimming pool will naturally lose some water due to evaporation, splash out and backwash waste water.

You will also gain some water from rainfall. Our rule of thumb is that if you are adding more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak.

Pool light conduits, main drain joints, skimmer and pool return piping joints. From swimming pool cracks to broken pipes underground, the smallest leak or pipe defect is pinpointed with the most advanced ultrasonic listening devices.

Once the leak is located we will report to you our findings and provide a solution to your leak.

After repaired, we offer a 30 day warranty on leak repairs and a one year warranty on labor.

old or new, may develop leaks due to ground movement, improper installation, faulty seals, or a host of other factors. Most people are surprised that a small 1/8 inch diameter hole can cause so much water loss.

In a typical 20 foot wide by 30 foot long pool, a one inch per day water loss is equal to approx. 370 gallons of water. The longer water is allowed to leak, the greater the chance of major damage.

If you are not completely satisfied we want to know.

We are not just fixing leaks but we are building long-term relationships. We want to remain your source for all of your swimming pool leak problems.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, feel free to contact us at 214-882-4240. Don't let your money leak away.